Hitting shelves in that nebulous cross-decade period known as “1989/1990”, Mattel’s Computer Warriors was a toyline that attempted to combine transforming with “microplay”. The figures were only about an inch tall, and came with common household objects that turned into techno-battle vehicles and playsets. Perhaps because it debuted in an era when home computing and knowledge thereof was still in its infancy - the lone direct-to-video cartoon episode portrayed the creation of the line’s virus villains as occurring because an industrial robot arm accidentally got shoved into the disc drive of a mile-high government mainframe - the series bombed at retail. On the other hand, maybe there just isn’t a market for transforming pencil sharpeners.

Here are the last two Viruses to appear in the animation: Minus, the crazy one (who came with a transforming pencil sharpener), and Null, the stupid one (who came with a transforming soccer trophy). For some reason, I really like the Virus aesthetic - they’re kind of like evil cubist paintings come to life.

Note the special guest appearance by a He-Man figure in the last screenshot! This is not actual cross-marketing, as the Masters of the Universe toyline was dead by this time.

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