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The Nobel/Noble Gundam (left) and the Super Nobel/Noble Gundam (right), from the Mobile Fighter G Gundam manga adaption by Kouichi Tokita. What better way to represent Sweden than with a giant robot Japanese schoolgirl?

The Super Nobel/Noble Gundam was a design exclusive to the manga adaption - you can see it in color here, which firmly cements it as a giant robot Super Sailor Moon. I tried to point out the existence of this suit in a Mecha and Anime Headquarters thread some years ago (a website home to a massive Gundam compendium, incredibly useful before wikis were a thing), but despite it being a legitimate variant, it’s never been added to the MAHQ index. Kinda disappointing, as I had previously pointed out and provided scans of the Scud Gundam, Manager Gundam, and Jumping Gundam to the site.

In any event, the G Gundam manga adaption is not something I can really recommend on its own. Trying to condense 49 episodes of content into three volumes gives the work a breakneck pace, but without the context of the television series, a lot of it doesn’t make sense. The “Go For It, Domon!” gag strips in the back are kinda cute, though.

There is apparently a recent re-imagining of G Gundam in manga form written by series director and all-around awesome dude Yasuhiro Imagawa, but I’ve heard of no plans to bring it over in English. More’s the pity.

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