Teutonic Knights - Alexander Nevsky. (1938)

The movie Alexander Nevsky, by Sergei Eisenstein, is about the defeat of the Holy Roman Empire crusade (Catholic) against the Slavs (Orthodox). This movie being anti-fascist propaganda, Eisenstein used a lot of not very subtle contemporary Nazi imagery to depict the Germanic invaders. The priests baptize Russian babies then throw them in a bonfire, sending them to heaven. The movie was banned when Stalin signed the non-aggression treaty with Hitler, but un-banned and promoted when the Germans invaded Russia. It’s ironic that a piece of communist propaganda (like Battleship Potemkin) would become such an influence on Hollywood cinema, from Conan the Barbarian, to Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, etc.

The Antonov A-40 Krylya Tanka (aka the Antonov KT), a World War II-era attempt by the USSR to create a tank that could, when dropped from an airplane, glide onto battlefields with crew aboard. Well, necessity is the mother of invention…

Scans from The World’s Worst Aircraft.

Entries done for the Narkomtiazhprom, an architectural contest held to determine the design of the People’s Commissariat of Construction of Heavy Industry in 1930s Russia. Don’t remember what I scanned them from.