1993 would also bring us Dragon League, which is hysterical and rad.  It’s about a kid named Tokio who makes a magical journey to the enchanted land of Eleven-ia with his dad.  Because soccer teams have eleven players, get it?!  Ha!  A mishap results in dad being cursed and turned into a tiny dragon by the captain of the kingdom’s most powerful team, the Eleven Winners.  Dragon League is a grand, soccer playing medieval fantasy epic.

this is how all fantasy sports should be, why pretend otherwise

Quote from this Mike Toole article.

note: NSFW warning- black and white gore

Trailer for Band of Ninja / Tales of the Ninja,  a Japanese “animated” film from 1967 made entirely using photographed pages from Sanpei Shirato’s Ninja Bugei-chō (忍者武芸帳) manga. The accompanying tune is kinda neat, insofar as I don’t run into men’s choral work in anime very often.

Remember when there was a cartoon about a cotillion of southern belle pigs who teamed up with a gang of hot-roddin’ male pigs in time travel adventures using magic gloves and apparently they fought a crocodile swamp witch?

I suspect not!

Anyway, that was Pretty Piggies, which has neither a Wikipedia nor an IMDB page. Between it, Piggsburg Pigs, and half of the Barnyard Commandos, evidently people in the early ’90s really thought pigs were going to be a trend. (They weren’t.)

Remember Piggsburg Pigs? No? Well, nobody else does, either, but here it is - the early-80siest cartoon to come out of 1990.

A neat commercial for Bandai/Tamashii Nations S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla toys, using the figures themselves as Harryhausen-esque stop-motion puppets.


We’re all playthings to the economic system in this testament to the futility of consumerism. Actually, it’s just a poorly-explained narrative about the economics of manufacturing meant for children, but who’s keeping track? Not us.

Let’s go “Round and Round”! (And round and round and…)


Meet Mr. Barnes. He puts the casual in casual sexism.

Meet Betty. She puts the aggressive in passive-aggressive.

Meet Joan. She has no idea what she’s stepped into and neither do you.

Learn how difficult managing an office can be when you staunchly refuse to manage an office in “The Bright Young Newcomer”!


We heard your cries and demands. You didn’t have enough weird costumed whatevers browbeating kids in your life. So we say “fine, here’s Ricky Raccoon, a Seventiestastic abomination in a fursuit. Happy?”

Enjoy time and space being bent on a whim, huge lapels, and possibly the dumbest kid we’ve ever seen -and may ever see- in one of these shorts.

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Rangoon Rifflets: That Rotten Tea Bag

Your guess is as good as ours, folks.


The Great Old One is back with rambling advice for all those who will ask for it. Learn all about bubbles, the drama of the elder gods, social justice and more!

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