It’s a recording of the Aaron Archer Q&A panel at TFCon 2014 by Internet Personality Vangelus!

If I’m honest, I wasn’t expecting Batman: Knight Force Ninjas to be among anyone’s top choices for a creative outlet, but I suppose we all find passion in our own things. Come to think, I did own the Riddler from that line… and I can’t argue that the solid bright green Knight Star Batmobile didn’t stand out on a shelf. (Too bad those kinds of colors stopped seeing their way into Transformers after, like, 1994.)

Another bit that stood out to me: a note in the slideshow that Aaron brainstormed for Micronauts, the Kevin Smith Superman movie, and Saban’s Los Luchadores. The latter, in particular, reminded me that a friend once said the cast of Los Luchadores was at Toy Fair one year, even though the show didn’t have an accompanying toyline. I’d assumed they were at a Bandai booth, but if a Los Luchadores toyline was in consideration at Hasbro… huh. I wouldn’t have expected Saban to branch out with their partnerships, but I guess Kenner did handle the VR Troopers line…

Anyway, the video is a fascinating watch (or listen). I recommend giving it a go!


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Are you worried about the effects of nuclear fallout on your livestock? … you are? Really? Wow. Uh… we had a joke here, but you kind of threw us off with that admission. Huh. Hoo. Yeah.

So uh… Starchibald and Sunny Jim… say things… over this series of civil defense TV spots aimed at the rural inhabitant. So… ummm… we guess you’ll learn something?

*edges away slowly*

Man, how did you guys not compare Rural Squarejaw McPuppety to Race Bannon? ‘cause that is totally Puppet Race Bannon. No wonder he took the Quest assignment.


Safety-y the Safety Sprite survived his last encounter with the Rangoons and is out for revenge, and he’s brought a host of his Object-Lesson-Spite pals with him to do it. His secret weapon? Soapy the Germ Fighter, a pantaloons-clad six foot tall cowboy soap that appears in the bedrooms of sleeping children. For reasons of cleanliness. 

Scrub up with Starchibald, Sunny Jim and guest voices Linkara, Obscurus Lupa, Scott Summerton and a surprise mystery voice for… Soapy the Germ Fighter!

Direct link to the short as blip embeds and tumblr have been buggy lately.


Post Botcon, Greg and Trent unwind with a series of confections from Botcon buddy Bill and the local Asian grocery store. New tastes, and smells, are discovered, strange unflavors found, and the secret of the enraged chicken comes to light.

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I am not sure if I am capable of comprehending the existence of these Women of Robotech doll commercials.

Internet Personality Vangelus interviews Hasbro’s Mark Weber at BotCon 2014.


Everyone’s favorite elder god is back to answer your questions about love, the dreams of electric sheep and the crime-fighting effectiveness of mustaches. Join the tentacled curmudgeon for wit and wisdom from beyond space and time.


Well, this is… avant-garde.

Some kind of Ranma ½ music video I found on YouTube.


Here’s why Monty Python was such a smash hit.

Join Starchibald and Sunny Jim as they witness a disembodied narrator alternate between educating and attempting to murder Sir Hamface Buffoonington, Esquire, in a series of post-war British PSAs. 

Keep Calm and Mock Along!


Rangoon Riffs: What to do in a Gas Attack: Feat Diamanda Hagan & The Omega!

Sunny Jim’s latest hair-brained scheme has landed the Rangoons face-to-face with Diamanda Hagan, and has landed them both face-to-mask with the Omega! Will bonding over a civil defense short lead to a stronger, more iron-fisted rule for the Isle or will Sunny Jim wind up a fashionable coat? 

Learn the answers to these burning questions (as well as how to neutralize a chemical weapons attack using enema bottles) in… What to do in a Gas Attack!

Some decidedly NSFW language, just as a heads-up.