A Toonami fan-art showcase video from October of 1999. Less than a year later would see the advent of deviantArt, giving artists a place to congregate away from outer space and the mean streets of the Geocities. (He said, despite his actual feelings for deviantArt leaning toward the ambivalent.)

The adorable hot-blooded battling robots of Iron Leaguer are enough to overcome even my own apathy for sports. Well, in theory; I’ve never sought out subs of Iron Leaguer or anything. I do own a toy of the heroic basketball robot, though… who is apparently named “Top Joy”. Huh.


Even a good message can be told poorly. Try and tell an important message with ear-bleeding calliope “music”, clunky forced rhyming and animation that makes “Deputy Dawg” look like “Akira”, and you’ve got a disaster even before people get to the horrific world you’re setting up. There’s more creeps on the streets in this short than in “Hobo With A Shotgun”.

So just because “The Cautious Twins” has good advice at its core… really, what the hell, short?


Sunny Jim and Starch face the return of the Mysterious Malefactor! 

After months of slacking, the Malefactor is back and he has a disturbing marionette-filled short all about the joys and miseries of telephone operation for the Rangoons. He’s out to make up for lost time but an even more powerful force has its claws in his would-be victims: Starbound!*

Take a trip to the distant past, when telephones had dials, busy signals and sufficient mass to fell a mature bison with a single blow in… Adventure in Telezonia! 

*This video also doubles as a review of the Starbound Beta.


UTT: Muppets Most Wanted!

In this episode of Under the Table Trent and Greg share their thoughts on Muppets Most Wanted, the trailers that came beforehand and Kermit’s stitching.

Part two of the Short Circuit-themed car theft prevention video! Part 1 is here.


Did you know that Johnny 5 starred in an educational video about auto theft, and that story is set in the post-Short Circuit 2 universe?  Now you do!


Superman was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Nothing will ever change that.

If you haven’t seen this 1981 BBC documentary, it is WELL worth checking out (in five parts on YouTube). More great footage of Siegel and Shuster than I’ve seen elsewhere, as well as bits from Kirk Alyn, Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder, David Prowse, and Larry Niven.

A hilariously low-budget advertisement for The Corps! action figures, found on the Lanard Toys YouTube page. Granted, since you can still find Corps! in Wal-Mart while mass retail G.I. Joe is officially in a coma, maybe we shouldn’t be the ones laughing…




This is by far my favorite NFB short and maybe my second favorite cartoon ever (after Disney’s The Band Concert, which does SO much for me).

I just found out that the filmmaker who made it, Frédéric Back, passed away last year. Very sad.

I used to watch this over and over.  So amazing!  During CSSSA one summer, we took a field trip to an exhibition of his art and animation.  They had frosted cels from his films, each one was like a detailed painting.  Everyone should be familiar with Frédéric Back’s films.  Such an astounding body of work, with so much heart.